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Want electroskip at your event? We do gigs!

You can book electroskip dancers for concerts, festivals etc.

We also provide workshops, rentals and technicians for your dancers.  

Photos of electroskip™

The Random Ninjaz Dance Crew Photo Shoot

Logos and Branding Images

Video (2 min excerpt) LIVE electroskip™

Demonstration of how the app version works

Video (4 min) of electroskip™ LIVE with

The Random Ninjaz Dance Crew

100% dancer generated music by turnkey system

Video Solo Dancer Demonstration of MIDI Looping in turnkey system

Video electroskip™ LIVE Solo performance at talent show

Video Women from Millikin U. perform electroskip duos at SEA conf.

Video Application of electroskip™ with vocoder (voice modulation)

Video Application of electroskip™ with MIDI keyboard (live bands idea)

Video Bill Sack (co-inventor of electroskip™) testing first use of custom built pressure sensors in our old lab (2013)

Video Shane Depree becomes first dancer to use electroskip™ (2013)

Video Demo of direct MIDI note capture & audio production (2015)  

a skip down memory lane...

our research began as performance art and technical research

that evolved into an enterprise, below are some videos of our history...

Video Jamie O'Neil (co-inventor of electroskip™) testing first use of piezo sensors on external skippisox™ taps (2012)

Video of first public art performance of electoskip™ using peizo sensors attached to skippisox™ Hallwalls Art Center (2012)

Video pre-electroskip public art performance by Jamie O'Neil using skippisox™ to investigate singularities of human movement (2010)