electroskip is a wearable device that

enables people-who-move to make music.


sensors are placed under toes and heels

wireless transmitters attach to the top of each foot

your feet send a series of pulses to a computer or mobile device that converts them into musical notes and beats.

a new future for footwear—electroskip allows you to create

freestyle music by generating wireless signals from sensors on your feet.

How it works

Two embodiments of our product.

Hundreds of applications of electroskip.




You can change the sound, octave, key and length of the notes.

You can dance —and hear the beats of your feet in headphone.

You can layer your musical-movements over your favorite song!

Watch this video of electroskip in action with a performance by The Random Ninjaz Dance Crew


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who we are and what we skip for

Electroskip LLC is a team of musicians, dancers and engineers.

We think human movement is beautiful and we are moved by music.

Our passion is making electronics in our lab, and nothing is more satisfying to us than hearing the joy of our users in electroskip™.


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